How can I pay?

Cash, credit, email money transfer or debit is accepted.

Buy online at

Contact or 604 916 0257


I want photos, but I can’t afford to buy them right now.

We know it is expensive prepping for a show, we are happy to work out deals to make it work for everyone.

We can accept a 50% deposit up front.  Remaining due upon delivery of photos. 

Your private online gallery will be sent to you once it is done.  Pay the remaining 50% and we will unlock your photos, removed the watermark and enable downloading. 

Contact us directly to make payment arrangements. 

We only offer this to those who are 100% committed to buying and will honour the pre-show prices.


Are there any additional costs if I’m competing in extra classes?

Yes, $25 per extra class




What do I get with stage photos?

  • All high rez digital photos
  • T walk, multiple angles and straight-on camera facing shots
  • Group comparison shots, see how you stack up to your competition!
  • Routines, awards and group shots.


Can I buy stage photos after the show?

Yes, stage photos are $100 pre-show.  Post-show they go up to $150!

No exceptions!


Can I preview the photos before I buy?

Yes, we will send you a private photo gallery that will be watermarked and locked from downloading. You can buy online at the higher post show price of $150 at any time.  You can also view samples from all previous events on this website.


Why do I have stickers on my competitor badge?

Stickers indicate that you have paid for stage, backstage and or a private 45 minute studio sessions

Our photographers will spend more time shooting you on stage than athletes who have not made a purchase.

  • 1 Red sticker = Stage Photos
  • 1 Blue sticker = 5 Back Stage Photos
  • 2 Blue stickers = 10 Back Stage Photos
  • 1 Green sticker = 45 Minute Studio Session
  • Red, Blue & Green stickers = Super Saver Package


I bought a photo package, but I don’t have stickers on my competitor badge. What do I do??

Ask one of our photographers to add stickers to your badges. These will only be given to athletes who have pre-purchased photo packages.


If you decide to buy packages last minute, please make sure to get your stickers!




I didn’t buy this package. Do I still have to take these photos??

YES, it is mandatory that all athletes take studio photos regardless if they paid or not. Photos will be used for INBF Marketing.

Who knows, you could be featured on next year’s poster!

You can choose to buy them later, so don’t miss the opportunity to get them done.


Where do I do take my 5 backstage photos?

Studio will be setup backstage during the competition. After you have gone on stage, you will be escorted immediately to take your 5 mandatory studio photos. 

If you see the studio is not busy, feel free to jump in and get your photos done!


Do I need to book a time for the 5 backstage photos?

No, photos are shot after your class has gone on stage. If the studio is not busy, you can shoot before going on.


Can I take more than 5 photos backstage?  

Yes, as long as it is not busy.  Group shots with your family, trainers and fellow athletes welcomed.


How long does it take?

2-5 minutes.  Approximately 5 to 10 photos.


Can I choose my favorite photos?

Yes, we will shoot more than 5 photos so that you have enough to choose from.


Can I bring my family and friends backstage for photos?

Yes, we know the support of your loved ones is important.  Please kindly check in with our photographer before bringing anyone who does not have a backstage pass in. We need to let the INBF team know you are doing this.


What poses should I do? I’ve never done this before.

You can do your standard 5 favorite competition poses and or your favorite artistic poses.  

Our photographer will guide/coach you through the process on the day and his/her job is to make sure you look great!


Are photos retouched?

General cropping, exposure and color correction are done on all photos.

Professional retouches are $50 each.  This includes blemish removal, teeth & eyeball whitening, removal of stray hairs and styling, acne and eye bag removal, etc…





Can I split a personal 45 minute studio session with another athlete?

Yes, everything that is included in the session including time, photos and coaching will be split evenly amongst the group. 


What time do I arrive?

Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to settle yourself in.


How many wardrobe changes are included?

2-3 different looks.  Example competition outfit, fitness gear, semi-casual ( jeans and tank top)

Feel free to bring your own equipment as props ( skipping rope, dumbells, etc...)





Tell me about the quality of the photos.

All photos are shot in RAW format, edited and converted to high resolution jpegs.  300 dpi with a minimum 3500 pixel width.


Can I or friends bring my camera to the show?

Photography & videography is NOT permitted during INBF Canada events without Press credentials.

Small personal digital cameras, phones and ipads are allowed at INBF Canada events for private, non-commercial use only. Photographs cannot be published, sold, reproduced, transferred, distributed, or otherwise commercially exploited in any manner.


NO SLR/DSLR professional equipment or equivalent is permitted in the venue.

YES Small personal digital cameras, phones and ipads allowed.


Do I get a usb or hard drive of my photos?

No, all photos are delivered via private online gallery. You receive digital images, no hardcopy prints. 


Can I print my photos myself?

Yes, you can take your digital files to your local printer.  Or save yourself some time and order high quality professional prints from us through your online gallery.  We guarantee you will love them!


How long does it take to receive my photos?

Please allow 2-3 weeks for our team to process, edit, organize  and upload over 30,000 photos from the show.  We will be posting media release photos live on the day of the show on INBF Facebook, Instagram and


I need some photos immediately!

Please contact with your full name, competitor number and class and we will do our best to help.